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• Data usage is measured in Bytes (B). (1024Bytes = 1Kilobyte (KB) 1024KB = 1Megabyte (MB) 1024MB = 1Gigabyte (GB))

• Unused data can not be accumulated from one month to the next at any rate.

- Unless otherwise specified, the use of the data is rounded according to the following rules: - Data is rounded by session.
- The sessions are rounded to the next Byte.
- Rounding occurs after the session is closed, after 500 KB or after 24 hours.
- If a Device does not transmit data (zero bytes), no A rounding will be done.

• The customer will be billed for the amount of data that travels through the data network. Note that the invoice will include charges for forwarded data packets and added packets to control the flow of data on the network. The corresponding Telematic Device must be enabled and compatible with data. • Access to data services is subject to coverage.

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