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Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 4 GB

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Text message bag per plan used in Mexico, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico
< > Unlimited Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp) to be used in Mexico, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico >
Bye to Roaming Without additional cost to be used in Mexico, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico

Additional MB $ 0.98


With SMDM companies can manage and control devices in one console: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian. Functional restrictions apply depending on operating system.


  • Information security and shared content
  • Self-managed service through the SMDM portal
  • No maintenance costs
  • Ready to use service
  • High availability level
  • No infrastructure investment (hardware and software)
  • Periodic service updates

Storage Movistar

It is a service that provides the storage and management of your company's relevant information in the cloud, achieving total mobility and availability in Any information device with the security required by your company.

Benefits when hiring it

  • Reducing costs
  • Streamlining processes
  • Supporting sensitive and relevant information
  • No need for investment in own equipment


It is the communication service with which you can quickly and easily communicate instantly. Just press a button and start the conversation with one or more of your collaborators immediately.

Benefits of hiring

  • Find your sales force, through a map and the GPS of the team will be able to know in real time its location.
  • Record calls exclusively from workgroups.
  • Group monitoring, where you can always know the status of the conversations.
  • It is the solution with the best performance and the highest quality of voice for services Push to Talk (Radio).
  • Communicate in less than 2 seconds with a person or with your work team.
  • Uses all available networks to communicate: 3G, 4G or WiFi and for international travel the service can be operated by WiFi.
  • Include presence feature: stay in when you want to talk or do not disturb and receive an alert when you're back.
  • With Team Talk you will have a high degree of security, as it uses the 256-bit end-to-end standard, not just the data network, one of the highest standards in communication.
  • Compatible with Smartphones.

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